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The 5 Best Gifts I Ever Received

April 20, 2014

     During a lifetime there are many gifts you receive that are forgotten.  Honestly, can you recall every gift you received this past Christmas?  Your last birthday?

     But there are some gifts you never forget.  Here are the top 5 gifts I have ever received:

     #5    A pair of of shoe mitts.  At the time I received there as a wedding gift from an aunt, I thought there were the most useless gift ever, especially as a wedding gift!  However, of all the gifts I received all those years ago, it is one of the few I still have and the only one I still use!  If you don't have shoe mitts, they are a great investment and a great gift to give!

     #4    Diamonds - They are this girls best friend and they always make me happy! :)  I remember every diamond my husband has ever given me… and you can never have too many!

     #3    Gift given on my behalf at Christmas to World Vision.  A donkey, goat, lamb and 2 chicks.  The best Christmas gift I have ever received.

     #2    A granddaughter.  On Saturday while keeping my 5 month old granddaughter, I took her to my mother's house for a visit.  As we were admiring the baby, my mom looked at me and said, "now you know why they call them grand."  Yes, I do.

     #1    The gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Priceless.

Plan B

February 17. 2014

       When you decide to have an event outside you imagine a beautiful day with everything happening on schedule and smiles all around.  Being located so close to the coast weather can drastically change from hour to hour, let alone day to day.  A common thing we see happen in many don't think about their "Plan B."  Instead of having a hiccup the week of your event or the day of, make a plan B in the beginning stages of planning so your day continues to go on without a hitch.

       First and foremost watch the weather.  As the date gets closer start listening to the weather patterns.  Are they talking about bad storms heading that way or planning on record highs/lows.  Continue following the weather until the event happens.  If the weather is nice but is it warm or cold think about adding fans or heaters to your rentals.

Some locations have inside options available if the weather should turn, check into your venue and if they offer anything.  If they do not find out what their cancellation policy is in case worst case happens.  Another option is a rain reserve tent.  If the weather is perfect as you imagined you don't use the tent.  However, if the weather is bad you get to use it.  Typically you pay a percentage of the price to hold the tent, then the remainder is due if you decide to use the tent.  You have to think of it as insurance, no one like to pay for it but it is nice to have when yo unwed it.

       Another option is event insurance.  Simply googling 'event insurance' you can find companies that will insure your event in case you should be hit with bad weather.  If that happens you will get your expenses returned.  They even go deeper into liability insurance as well.  Some venues required you to obtain insurance to hold your event at their facility.

       Even though you don't want to think about the bad when you are planning your event, if you think about it from the beginning it can help your day run smoothly in the time when most would panic.  If something does go wrong, don't panic, stay calm and work through it… at least when it is all done you will have an interesting story to tell!

Is your space an ugly duckling?

May 28, 2014

     So you have found the perfect venue but maybe the space isn't quite what you expected or doesn't match your style.  Well don't stress, you can turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!  There are a few ways to transform a space into a completely different room.  

     We recently have had multiple request to help our clients revamp a room into something different.  We also have clients who seemed surprised that we are able to convert a space so, we thought it was only fitting to share how revolutionizing a room is possible.

     First I want to mention pipe and drape.  This is when fabric is hung by a free standing pole system to cover walls, windows, doors, etc.  The fabric you use can vary greatly.  The most popular is sheer fabric for a softer look.  If you are doing shabby chic you can use burlap, or if modern is more your style you can use a metallic.  The options are endless!!

     The second way is to have a ceiling treatment.  Again, the most popular is sheers.  You can add lights inside the sheers or a chandelier to the center.  You can also use parasols or paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling to help transform the space.  This option covers up an ugly ceiling and draws your eye up.  

     Third is lighting.  You can do lighting on walls, under tables, or pin spot certain areas.  You can also do special effects  or something special like a monogram or names.  Lighting mixes great with the draping on walls and ceilings and can change the mood of a room in a snap!

     Changing a space is not hard it just takes a little creativity and imagination.  So if you find a venue you love but don't like something about the space don't worry, give us a call and let us help you!! 

5 Tips for Maintaining a Balanced Life and being Happy!

March 7, 2014

      I have always been told I have a great outlook on life.  My family says I came home from the hospital with a smile on my face.  What's not to smile about… I have a GREAT life that I could not be more thankful for!  There is a line in 'Elf' the movie when Will Ferrell is asked why is he smiling, and I love his response, "because smiling is my favorite!"  Here are a few tips to live a balanced life and always be happy!

      1.  Put family first!  It sounds cliche but your family is always there for you when no one else is.  Cherish your home time away from work with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, etc.  I am very close with all my immediate and extended family.  I come from a large family and we love to get together just because we can!  We all stay very active in each others lives and know we can call each other no matter what.  And the biggie, don't call them just when you need something!  

     2.  Be optimistic!  I know it sounds easier said than done, but if you think about it what is there to be so negative about that it ruins your day?  Sure things happen… it's called life.  Everyone has things happen to them everyday and everyday people get through it.  I heard a saying from Paula Deen (I love cooking!) "If God gets you to it, He will get you through it!"  I full heartily believe that.  Everything we go through makes us who we are and gives us stories to tell about ourselves.  Plus, who likes to be around a negative nancy?!?

     3.  Smile!  It sounds cheesy I know but try it!  When you go out smile at someone, see if they smile back and see if it makes you feel a little better when someone smiles at you.  Smiling is contagious, like a yawn but better!  When something "not so good" is happening smile through it.  One it confuses people and two you don't look like you let things bother you and people think you can make it through anything.

     4.  Be healthy!  Don't stop reading just yet… Being active releases "happy chemicals" in your brain.  I know when you are working out and working hard it may not make you feel like you are skipping through a field of flowers but you are de stressing your brain… I promise!  I get it that you think of everything else that needs to be done in the day/week/month but when you are done with the workout you will feel better.  Find something you enjoy and get active!  My thing is cardio, weights, and bike riding.  Eating right is just as important as being active.  Your body is a machine and when you fuel you body of healthy ingredients your body will run better.  Everybody is different, do what works for you.  Mine is staying away from fried greasy foods, low sugar, low salt and plenty of water.  I read food labels and try to buy natural foods.  Like I said earlier, I love to cook from scratch which helps me control what I put in my foods.  My daughter is about to start solid foods and I am looking forward to making her foods!

     5.  Don't Stress!  This is the biggie and ties into everything.  Nothing is worth stressing over enough to ruin any of your time.  When you leave work leave it at work, don't take it home.  You can enjoy work but don't mix your personal/home time with your work time.  Find a hobby that you enjoy.  When I am cooking, canning, or working out that is my time and what I focus on.  It wouldn't be fun to me if I stressed about work, bills, deadlines, or any other thing that happens in life.  Tomorrow will always come and if it doesn't do you want people to remember you as someone who was stressed or happy?